Saturday, 27 March 2010

Dying my hair - Garnier Nutrisse Creme in 76 Nectarine

I just had to dye my hair. They were getting really boring colour. I loved the light orange-y colour that I had but this time didn't want to bleach my hair before putting on another dye.

This is bad picture for showing just how horrible my hair were looking this morning. Roots were dark blonde, orange had faded to yellowish blonde with patches of brighter colour. I'm naturally blonde with red pigment on my hair so dying my hair with anything that has even slightly gold, copper or red will give me brighter red than intended.

I had to play with photoshop to get my hair dye as washed out as it was. Camera somehow makes my hair look redder than they actually are.

I used the dye I bought a week ago but just haven't gotten myself around to dye it. In Finland this colour is Nectarine 76 Dark Blonde Red Copper.

Me with the dye on.

After washing the extra dye off.

And photo of dry hair that really doesn't show what my hair dye is. It's more like the one in the wet picture but not as red. And it isn't even a bit orange-y nor does the colour get lighter towards the ends. I hate flash making the colour show up too bright red.

So I tried other settings for taking pictures and this one came closest. The hair colour reminds me of dark mahogany. Darker than on the cover of the hair dye box.

Darker than I thought and would've liked but then again at least it's red again. And if I want to I could try bleaching next time. When the sun finally decides to shine it will bleach my hair on its own.


  1. beautiful!! I love this color, your hair also looks so healthy and shiny!

  2. Darker colours make my hair look healthier and of course the conditioner that comes with the dyes is good for making it shine. I just need to get used to darker red again since I thought I'd go blonder towards the summer :)

  3. Looks great! Red rocks! :) I had a similar colour a couple of years ago (Copper Red from Palette, Instant color range). Now I want to try a darker version Chestnut Red. I bought a hair dye in summer, but still waiting for my skin to finally clear up. Red shades don't look pretty with "not so good" skin. Fingers crossed! :)

  4. Yeah I kinda noticed when I first dyed red as a teenager that red hair colour makes all spots really shine even more :D Also it makes my freckles show more but oh well, have to learn to like them. And luckily I only get 1-2 spots every now and then and not acne like I used to have.

  5. This color it's so beautiful!

    Irene from