Saturday, 17 March 2012

Maybelline & essie evening at L'Oreal Finland

As I have mentioned few times that L'Oreal had a bloggers' evening at their office in Espoo I thought I should finally break the blog silence (I know it wasn't that long silence) with a blog post about it.

First of all I have to apologize that the quality of the pictures are really low since I didn't take (stupid me!) camera with me to the event since I went there straight from work. So all the pictures from the event are taken with my mobile phone camera which isn't too good.

The theme of the evening was New York which we found out a day before the event. This didn't really affect my dress or makeup but it was nice to know there would be a theme to the evening. Of course it was mainly about new products for both Maybelline and essie.

My makeup was simple with winged liner and nude lips and some falsies. Bad pic taken with phone camera.

When we arrived to office we heard saxophone music to downstairs and when we got to top floor there was a man playing saxophone near the stairs. Also we saw a line of Fit Me products and advertisement on top of the stairs. We got served a cocktail as soon as we shed our coats and got to sit down to couches.

And that empty glass isn't mine!

There was a DJ at the event who played nice background music. Tarja from L'Oreal welcomed us to the event with a small speech and after that we got to have something to eat. The table was full of different kinds of salads and it was cleverly decorated with essie's nail polish bottles. Everywhere in the room were things (vegetables and herbs) we could eat that also brought in the feeling of being in a nice top floor kitchen in New York.

We chatted with each other while eating - most of the bloggers that attended I got to know in the bloggers' meet in December. It was nice to meet some of the bloggers after a few months and especially Minna from Glitz & Glam who I've known for 8 years (yes, we did count this at the meet). Time does fly...

Main thing about the evening wasn't food or meeting other bloggers but listening about new products. First something about essie:

Essie comes up with nail polish collections 4 times a year (for every season that is) and this time it was time to introduce the spring collection called Navigate Her. Some of you might've seen the actual Navigate Her nail polish (the green one) that is used on the collection's picture. I received it from the goodie bags and am wearing it on my toes at the moment. We also got to see the winter collection called Cocktail Bling and got to choose two nail polishes from that collection. I will show you later which ones I chose to take home with me.

Next up we got to hear about Maybelline's new products - Illegal Lengths mascara and Fit Me makeup. L'Oreal's dermatologist matched our skintones to Fit Me and I got 115 for winter and 120 for summer. Unfortunately 115 is sold out from Finland atm which means I will get that foundation posted to me. That's why you have to wait for a bit longer to get a review or even swatches of the foundation. That also tells how light most of the people in Finland are. Also in few shops I've seen 110 being sold out too.

Illegal Lengths mascara has 4mm fibres in it that makes lashes appear longer. I have to say I'm a bit sceptic about fibre mascaras since I've had bad experience with fibres either falling to my cheeks during the day or somehow getting them into my eye. I will review this mascara later on when I've tested it enough.

Between the two brands' presentations we got dessert which was passion fruit-mascarpone triffle. It was amazing! I wish I knew everything it had in it since I'd love to make that at home too.

After presentations there was a raffle and the top prizes were avec tickets to Finnish blogging site Indiedays' 2yo birthday party that also had IVANAhelsinki's Winter 2012-13 fashion show called Tapiola-Kauniainen. I was lucky enough to win the other ticket and after one of the bloggers who said she'd like to go with me couldn't I asked my sister to join me. More about the show on another post.

Evening was great and we left L'Oreal 30mins later than scheduled with bags of goodies. I got a lift from Minna so didn't have to guess how the buses go. As soon as I got home I had to check everything we got and here are pictures of the insides of goodie bags.

We received full range of Fit Me products - foundation, concealer, powder and blush. I got medium rose blush which is fine by me since I do use quite strong blushes.

The top 3 essie nail polishes are from the spring collection - Navigate Her, Tour De Finance and Orange, It's Obvious! Under those are Spaghetti Strap, Chinchilly and Turquoise & Caicos. Two lowest are from the winter collection - Cocktail Bling and School of Hard Rocks.

We also received 2 Illegal Lenths mascara and other one I'm giving to a co-worker who told me next morning on train station that she was thinking about buying it and since I don't need two I said I can bring one to her.

Interesting products in the bag were Super Stay 10h Tint Glosses which won't be out in Finland before start of April. We all got two glosses and colours I received were Infinite Mauve and Endless Ruby. I already tried out mauve one but can't really tell much about it since I totally forgot I had it on and didn't pay attention how long it stayed on my lips. Review coming later on when I've used these enough.

We also got Fit Me shirt (which is too tiny for me) and a badge plus few Fit Me brochures where is shown how the colours go and what colour fits what blush etc.

Like I said evening was great and it was so nice being invited! Thank you to L'Oreal for invitation and to other bloggers for having such a great time!


  1. The cosmetics look awesome, but the food looks incredible!

  2. Wow! you reciveed amazing things! I can't wait to see your swatch and review fot FIT me range :)

  3. Kiitoksia sulle kun olit mukana tekemässä kivaa iltaa! Harmi kun ette tulleet enää niin myöhään jatkoilemaan.

  4. Oli kiva nähdä! :) Minna tarjosi kyydin niin ajattelin että ehkä on vain parempi lähteä kotiin niin ei tarvitse miettiä myöhemmin miten kotiin pääsee :D

  5. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..