Monday, 2 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 1

Like I posted on Facebook page I am starting 90 Day Challenge which for me means I'm going to - or at least trying to - post LOTD, EOTD or NOTD every day for next 90 days. On top of this I have some miscellaneous posts coming up so it won't be only my face or nails for next 90 days. I have some reviews, swatches and other makeup (and non-makeup) related posts already half-done or in my head.

But let's start this challenge with look I did with Urban Decay's Ammo Shadow box.

On nails I have essie's The School of Hard Rocks.

There are other bloggers who are doing this challenge also. Some have started, some will start soon. Here are links to their blogs in no particular order:

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