Thursday, 26 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 25

This is the look I wore to Judas Priest gig on Sunday. I've noticed that lately I've done black/white/red makeup for gigs. Mostly metal albums have those colours on album cover and I usually go for colours band have used on their latest album cover or mostly on albums. Yeah, I'm weird like that :P

 The gig was amazing!! This should be their last world tour but then again they've been going on for about 40 years anyway. And damn Rob Halford can sing live!

I've learned that I like songs that won't be played live (my boyfriend says I like bad songs) but here's my fave from Judas Priest:

Dinner yesterday at the Italian place was great. For starter I had snails with garlic butter and bred, main course was fried liver of veal with rocket, parmesan cheese, red wine sauce and tomato polenta (which actually had too many strong flavours and veal liver didn't taste much) and for dessert of course pannacotta.


  1. I missed out on seeing Judas Priest when they came to Australia last time so I'm very jealous! I love the eye makeup, especially the red.