Thursday, 5 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 4

Today's look is for both NTMS weekly challenge and Nymphette's April FOTD Challenge Calendar and the theme is Monochromatic. Which means one colour but you can use different shades of it.

Since I had to wear this look to work I thought of using pink since I've done grey and black looks before. It's spring and it was only 5h workday today - thanks to Easter - so I thought maybe using some spring colours was nice.

Yes, my eye colour is photoshopped - for no reason tbh.

On eyes I used Sugarpill's Birthday Girl and BFTE's Stunning.
On lips I have Evil Shades' Stiletto and some random light pink lipgloss on top of it to make it shinier.
Nail polish is Kinky in Helsinki by OPI.


  1. I'm actually getting into pinks and corals for this spring, it's rather strange for such a anti-pink person such as myself.

    I'd need more courage to go full-on cool tone pink you have here.

  2. I'm really quite anti-pink person too except I found out I have most pink nail polishes. Of course I have pink blush and lipstick but I'm even trying to overdose my daughter on pink so she would not wear it when she gets older :P