Monday, 9 April 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 8

This is also NTMS Weekly Challenge and this week's challenge was about TROLLS. And Wendi ment Fantasy Trolls - not internet trolls.

So I drew my troll look inspiration from Mortiis. Not really that fantasy since well - the guy is real - but he doesn't really look like that. Mortiis' first mask was inspired by Blix from Legend but it changed few times during the years. He stopped using troll mask some years back anyway. I wanted to use the troll mask he wore on The Smell of Rain album.

I don't have false nose so I just had to contour mine to make it look sharper and longer.

I have to say it was quite weird looking at the mirror after I've gotten the black eyes and black lips with mostly no eyebrows. I also think my boyfriend was joking when he said I looked sexy. Hopefully...

I'm so glad I got all that makeup off my face. Doesn't look much but there was a lot of stuff on eyebrows since I don't have real stuff for concealing them and quite a lot of black products plus foundation, powder and bronzer.

And here's the first video from The Smell of Rain album - Parasite God:


  1. This looks amazing! Trollish but still kind of cool and almost even pretty in a way lol. Awesome job!

  2. Wow, awesome. You did a great job!

  3. Hui kun oot onnistunu näyttää vanhalta! :D

  4. Thanks girls :D Ja joo, mä vanhennuin tässä pääsiäisen aikana vähäsen :P

  5. you look very evil! maybe because of the eyebrow °_°