Thursday, 3 May 2012

90 Day Challenge - Day 32

This look I wore when my parents came around last Sunday for my birthday. I didn't have time to do complicated makeup after all the cleaning up and baking so I just used one eyeshadow all over the lid.

Party Monster by Facebomb Cosmetics
Inglot gel liner in #77

She-Bop by Darling Girl Cosmetics

Hot Mama Liquid Kiss Luxe by Darling Girl Cosmetics (only applied a bit so it looks quite muted colour)

And here are some of the gifts I received:

These are from my cat (well my boyfriend bought them). Pinkie Pie is an inside joke in this household and chocolate is always good. He bought me my vanity table earlier already so I didn't really get a gift from him on my actual birthday.

 This beautiful Scarab necklace I got from my sister. She also put pic of my daughter and boyfriend inside it. I've apparently linked it to my boyfriend months ago but my sister got it me first - he would've probably bought it if he hadn't paid for the vanity.

And this is what I had on my birthday (lemon-liquorice quark cake and sparkling wine with My Little Ponies):

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