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Moi Mineral Cosmetics - swatches & review

I ordered from Moi Mineral Cosmetics some time ago and have had the pictures uploaded to computer for ages but only now have time to write the review.

So here we go...

P.S. All prices are in CAD since the company is Canadian.

Taken from Moi's site.

Moi has been on hiatus for a while and now it's back and I noticed that not all products I'm telling on this post can be found anymore. So some of this came too late but hope you enjoy it anyway.


Can't remember how long it took to get the order but since I can't remember panicking about it I think it was within the normal wait time from US to Finland (anything between 1-4 weeks).

I ordered 10 products for $20 which was a great deal. International shipping was $7.95 which is quite high but it would be more expensive when shipping from Finland to US. I can live with that after getting the products so cheap.

On top of my order (which was 8 eyeshadows, 1 glitter and 1 blush) I received two samples of lip balm/lipstick/lipgloss.


Eyeshadows seemed to be in different jars with different labelings (some were labeled by hand and some had printed stickers). Also they had the amount listed and they seemed to vary too. I'm not sure if they would be similar in weight tho, can't check since I don't have scale to do that with. 

Lip products were on clear tubes with printed stickers on them.

Printed stickers have ingredients listed. You can also find the ingredients from the website.

Rosewood blush is in tiny jar which is quite hard to get blush brush into but somehow I've managed and of course it can be put into a bigger jar if necessary.


Let's start with eyeshadows, blush and glitter. Eye products swatched over Malu Wilz primer and blush (Rosewood) on bare hand:

Midnight in Las Vegas is the glitter if you didn't realise from the photos.

I LOVE Fiction, Snow Beam and Montage and of course Rosewood blush. Rosewood suits my skintone so well!

Here's me rocking the Rosewood blush <3 (eyeshadows not by Moi)

Galaxy, Emerald and Midnight in Las Vegas should both have stickier base under them (like Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy) to show their shimmer/glitter better.

And then the lip balms or glosses or what they are.

I got Mauve and Saturn's Sun. As you can see they even look different in tubes. Saturn's Sun looks harder and more like lip balm as Mauve looks really soft and more glossy.

Here's Saturn's Sun on my lips.

It's really sheer but gives some nude colour and nice gloss to lips. This would also be easy to have in hand bag since it could go as balm/gloss and is tiny enough to fit any bag.

I'm not sure what happened to Mauve tho. Here's swatch of it:

It gives really sheer colour and quite heavy gloss but it was really - and I mean REALLY - grainy when I put it on. The grains melted on my lips but I'm not sure if the flight over might've damaged it or was it supposed to be like this. After the grains melted it felt like I had oil on my lips. I'm not happy with this one but since I didn't pay for it can't really complain much. I just won't use it.


I do love the shinier/more metal looking eyeshadows and I will definitely be using them in the future (when I get out of this neutral rut I'm in apparently). Rosewood blush is one of my favourite ones and it will be used - a lot.

Will I buy from the company again? Definitely. When I run out of Rosewood blush I will probably sob a bit and buy a new one.

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